Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Winter hibernation.

It will soon be time for the new season to start and I have not added any more of the stories I promised you, but I have been very busy in other aspects of life so please accept my apologies.

Fast "n" Luce has been under wraps for the winter but with the sun showing its face in the last few days, it has given me the chance to clean her up and give her a paint.
As the outside has a gel coat, a good wash is all that is needed there except for the fresh coat of anti-fouling on her hull.
The inside is all white and clean and the wooden rails on her cuddy has been varnished.
The deck has still to be painted but I will leave that until all the other jobs are completed, not that there is much to do, just add some rod holders forward on each side and rig up the bilge pump to the electrics.
If I get the time I will write about her last trip when I caught some cod, and all in all had good catches of white fish every time I went out on her, but getting her so late in the season meant that I was only beginning to enjoy the pleasures of the more modern and able boat before it was time to tuck her down for the winter.
As it was late in the season though, I did find out how she faired on rough seas as I had to punch my way home a couple of times when I was fishing off Dunure with Robbie.
The wind and sea whipped up on two occasions just as we were about to call it a day, but it was fun heading home, punching into the waves and getting my face covered in spray again, just like old times when I was commercial fishing.
The new boat passed with flying colours, as did my stomach........... which after all the years that have passed since I did it for a living was quite reassuring.

Here's cheers til the next time.

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