Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spot the Porpoise.

If you look closely to the left of the video you will see a porpoise surfacing quickly before it dives again.
That day we had about twenty of them swimming and playing around us for hours and every time I got my camera phone ready to film them they would disappear.
Once I gave up and started fishing again they would surface and play around.
It was as if they were trying to evade the paparazzi. ha ha.
Robbie managed to get better film of them the previous day before I joined him but I don't have them on my computer or I would show you them, so you will have to be eagle eyed enough to catch them in this clip.

We did catch some cod that day even though we were concentrating more on the porpoises.
Well..... enough for a good feast when I got home at least.

As you can see some makerel and a whiting was also in the box and were eaten at a later date, but the cod went straight into the pan when I got home and were as delicious as you would expect from fish as fresh as that.


  1. Ah, Donald, I wish I could check out the video but as I have very limited internet down here I'll wait until I'm back in Dublin, no more Google Street searching for a while, ha ha!

    It does my little heart good to read your nautical posts, sounds like an exciting day you and Robbie had with all those porpoises swimming around you. The fish look very inviting indeed, glad you enjoyed them Donald! Take care for now, Cheers!! Ann

  2. You will have to watch closely to the left of the video to catch a quick glimpse of the porpoise before it disappears again Ann, so do not hurry back to Dublin from the serenity of your southerly location.
    Thanks for your compliment on my blog, it is great to get feedback like that.
    Catch you soon.

  3. Very nice place, thanks for sharing.