Friday, 17 August 2012

Busy times

English: Leaving Dunure Harbour A small in-sho...
English: Leaving Dunure Harbour A small in-shore fishing boat leaves the harbour on a breezy May morning. In the 18th & 19th centuries, Dunure harbour was used by smugglers, or "free traders". The harbour became a busy fishing base for over 100 years up to the 1950s. By then, fishing boats were becoming too big for this small harbour. (Source: "Ayrshire Coastal Path", by James A Begg) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is just a quick line to inform any interested readers that I am busy catching fish and gathering stories at the same time that I will write, with pictures to accompany them once things get quieter.
Hope you all have the patience to wait.
The photo is of The Wee Lad, my friend Robbie's boat taken from Chasca on calm waters just off Dunure.
Thank you all.
Cheers for now.
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