Monday, 2 July 2012

Comment problem

I would like to apologize to any readers who have left comments and expected a reply.
I have just discovered that the comments are not reaching the blog so I will try to rectify the matter.


  1. Hi Donald. You are not alone! I am not getting info about blog updates, and certain images not showing in my sidebar. It is getting a tad frustrating. I am still reading blogs, but with writing my novels do not always get time to comment. When I do I notice they do not show up. It is frustrating. They appear to be heading into the spam box on my blogs.

    And don't get me started on the new captcha images we have to wade through just to leave a comment. I can't see half of them, and spend ages trying new ones. In the end I give up and don't leave comments. I have tried three times on this comment alone!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Glynis, I too get fed up with all the procedures we have to go through now to leave comments which puts me off.
    Perhaps thats why I am getting so few now so its a good job we can access the amount of readers we get or I would have stopped writing a while ago.
    Thanks again for your persevering to send this one.

  3. Testing, testing... Hope all is well with you, Donald!

  4. Test successful Heather. All is as well as can be expected with me just now, meaning that there is room for improvement. ha ha.
    Thanks for the comment, hopefully that is the problem sorted.
    Good to see all is well with you according to your brilliant blogs.