Thursday, 26 April 2012

Home for repairs.

Boat at Uyeasound Out of the water, presumably...
Boat at Uyeasound Out of the water, presumably for repairs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am afraid Chasca has let me down as, after trying several things to get her main engine repaired and working again it all ended in failure.
On Friday 27-4-12 she will be taken out of the water and I will be bringing her home to get a professional to repair the engine and with any luck it won't be long until she is back on the water again.
It is a big setback and disappointment but risks cannot be taken where safety is concerned on the sea, so bear with me til we make her better and soon perhaps more exciting posts will be written.

The photo is just to show how sad a boat looks when she is out of the water, but then again I am sure you all knew that.

The saying "Its not all plain sailing" seems very appropriate during these stressful times. lol

Your prayers are welcome ha ha.
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  1. Thank you Dita I am sure Chasca appreciates your concern,
    I will pass them on. lol.