Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Deep sea fishing from a boat in the Gulf of MexicoImage via WikipediaSince I have been back at sea albeit in a small way thanks to an old shipmate of mine I have had a strong urge to buy a small boat of my own.
It is only to go sea angling, a sport I thought I would never do as I thought of all the boring hours spent waiting for a bite. ........... Well that was the impression I got watching the fishermen every time I passed them sitting at the side of the river that flows through my village.
They just seemed to sit there hour after hour swiping the midges away while staring into the water, and never once have I seen any of them landing the fish they were after or spoke about while standing in the pub with their arms extended as far as they could go.

After experiencing the sport first hand at sea, with fish biting so constantly it was hard to keep up with them and of course the bad times when all we did was stare at the ripples gently rocking the boat, and its distorted reflection in the sea as we swayed back and forth.
It made me do some reflecting of my own of the good times spent seine netting and trawling in good times and bad, but never boring, then I realized that far from being bored I was actually relaxing and enjoying myself with no worries of having to make a pay at the end of the trip.
My mind could wander over past big catches and Robbie and I would sometimes seem to be thinking the same thing when one of us would recall one of the adventures we shared together.

We did not need to worry about storms anymore, we had done that, got the T Shirt and worn it out, all we had to do was to bob about on the sea at our leisure and hope a bite would come along and disturb our thoughts.
After all we had been through during our working lives you would think we would want to get away from that kind of life but no, we were both born and bred to the sea and it never releases its grip on you.

Even as the tail end of hurricane KATIA roared through southwest Scotland I sat at Dunure harbour watching the small boats swing violently in the storm, tearing at their moorings as the swell from the raging sea outside surged into the confines of their safe haven.

Even then the reflections in my mind went back to the days when I would have been out battling the storm instead of being a restrained spectator watching from the shore.
Thoughts of punching through the mountainous seas that I was observing, and turning on the broadside to haul the net among spray, heaving decks, and wind screaming through the rigging as it tried to throw us off our feet wasn't enough to put me off, it only kindled my longing to be back out there.

Sadly for me those days are long gone along with the able body and my health.
These hindrances will not permit this willing mind to go through it all again, so I will have to content myself with a rod over the side reflecting on days gone by as I watch my reflection distort on the calm seas I have to settle for now.

As for adventure and excitement, well it might not come close to what it used to be, but its better than sitting at home writing about it, and you never know, someday that big one might just take my bait and I will have another story to tell you.

Hopefully not about the one that got away.
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  1. They never truly "get away" if you find the words to write about them. ; )

  2. Nice one Heather. Its great to get a comment from someone who understands.
    I am still reading of your adventures.
    Cheers for now.

  3. Glad you're happy with a rod in your hand Donald.

    My David was in the navy and told me many stories; especially the time he spent 51 days at sea.

    My best friend is moving to Florida next month. She loves to fish and we will spend many hours by the river.

  4. Its a poor substitute compared to what I was used to Maxi but then again it gives me some fun and relaxation and at my age I should be grateful for small mercies.
    Nice to hear from you again. Hope things are looking up for you.

  5. Hey, I thought you were Irish! I just realized you're based in Scotland! :)

    How have you been lately? Hope all is well!

  6. Good to hear from you again Charity. Yes all is as well as can be expected, I have purchased a little boat of my own and hope to write about it in here.
    The adventures will not be as exciting as the old sea dog of a pirate's stories that you are used to but you never know what lies in store.

  7. You lie down, as the events of the day have made you feel sleepy, and as I gently and tenderly run my fingers across your brow and onto your cheek, you drift away into a deep satisfying sleep