Monday, 11 January 2010

Are there still plenty of fish in the sea?

This is the time of year when the Scottish fishermen are told by the European Union how much fish they are allowed to catch for the coming year, and the amount of days that have been allocated to them to achieve their quotas.

It is another stupid ruling thrust upon us since we joined this dangerous combination of countries, with the Scottish fishing fleet suffering more than any other country.

It is disgusting that this body, who allow their own countries to flaunt the rules, are allowed to have any say in the catching capacity of our boats, telling us that we are over fishing our stocks when they have all but exhausted their stocks, and are now after ours.

The Scottish fishermen have a better knowledge of the stocks of fish in the waters they have covered over generations, and with their own livelihoods at stake, they need no telling of how to conserve stocks, from people who sit at a desk and receive a steady wage without the worry of some idiot cutting their earning capacity.

I often wondered if mother nature had her own method of conservation, as various species of fish can change their sex, which might be their way of multiplying their stocks when the shoals begin to dwindle.

As early as the seventies we used to catch the odd "saith" with both roe, (female) and milt, (male) in them, and I thought it was a freak of nature to begin with, but as more and more were appearing, it was obvious that these fish did change sex.
The scientists might have known this, but it was never common knowledge among the fishermen.

During the cod fishing I used to look out for the cod doing the same thing, but after years of fishing, and gutting thousands of cod it never happened, until one year I opened up a large cod that had one half of its organs milt, and the other half a perfectly formed half roe.

I do not know if it fertilized its own eggs, I only know both parts seemed to be working fine.
After all the years looking, one appeared, then more came along, not as many as the saith, but enough to let us know that this was no freak of nature, nature was looking out for its own.

We might have been cutting down the shoals of cod but nature was fighting back, and I am sure when the lean times come, the fish are off hiding from our nets, in some deep parts of the sea we cannot reach, reproducing in their own way until the stocks are replenished, when they will branch out again, and spread back into the waters that are fished.

Mother nature can look after her own, without the interference of humans who know very little of her resources, and the Scottish fishermen are more than capable of looking after THEIR interests without interference from the European Union.

I suppose we men should think ourselves lucky that the human race needs culling rather than replenishing, or mother nature might put our status in jeopardy. HA HA.

Top picture: (cooked cod roe)
Bottom picture: (cooked milt)

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  1. Maybe they should regulate how much fish each household of sharks is allowed to consume each year. Or just clone more fish.

  2. The national fisheries is the same in Canada. I had the frustrating job of covering fishing when I worked for a paper on the West Coast of B.C. The fishermen said the same thing - they knew what the fishing what like and what mother nature was up to. They were the ones out there. But the annual quotas remain the decision of office dwellers pouring over spreadsheets. They all but admit it is guess work. It is endlessly frustrating.

  3. I'm sure things look a little different on paper in an office than they do from the deck of a fishing boat.

  4. Very nice blog.


  5. What an interesting post again, Donald. I'm learning from you so much about fishing, about your hard job as a pro fisherman and about the life and its sometimes stupid rules, yes.

    The fish looks good, I love fish! :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  6. It is so frustrating when paper pushers interfere. Interesting post as usual Donald.

  7. Its good to see you posting such interesting and useful info :) . I loved the pics....... i think that we should go with cloning of fishes.