Friday, 3 April 2009

I dressed myself under the blankets

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During my last couple of years at school I decided to get a part time job to boost my pocket money to give me the extra needed for the trip I wrote about in my last post and to let me buy some decent clothes(or parts for my bike)which I purchased and paid up through a club that an aunt was an agent for. (Freemans)
The first attempt was as a milk delivery boy and I was told about it by one of my classmates as it was on the same run as his. It so happened it was to be in mid winter when my mother woke me at five o'clock in the morning to start this new phase of my life and as I dressed myself under the blankets with the ice forming inside my bedroom window a million thoughts and fears ran through my head.
All we had to heat the three bedroomed house was one fire and as it was so early in the morning, it still had to be kindled so I jumped out of bed already clothed and headed out into the dark cold streets towards the unknown on my trusty push bike.
When I arrived fifteen minutes later I helped to load the days deliveries of milk cream and orange juice onto the float and soon warmed up with the hard work.
Out on the road I had to learn how to carry as many glass bottles as I could in a little crate built for the purpose while learning the route I would take with its shortcuts through closes and lanes that would take me back to the van to refill before setting off again. I quite enjoyed it once I got the hang of it and as an added bonus we got two pints of ice cold milk to take home with us at the end of the morning which I stuck down my jacket to cycled home for my breakfast before leaving for school.
Saturday was the morning we collected the money and also collected a few tips along the way which boosted our meagre wage along with a tub of cream that was allowed to be taken home that day.
After continuously rising in a freezing bedroom my enthusiasm for the job ran out before I could experience the joys that summer might have brought, so I packed it in and for a few weeks relished staying cosy in bed till it was time for school.
It was not long after,I got a more sensible job as a bakers delivery boy that was a Saturday only and was from 9am to 2pm giving me enough money, added to by the extremely large tips I received from the very wealthy customers who shopped in the best bakers in town and now had the best delivery boy in the west. ha. ha.
That is another story for another day.

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