Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I did however enjoy my holiday

The first holiday Our family went on was to Fraserburgh, to visit my mothers home town which we had heard of but never seen, being a very long and tiresome journey by road in these days. We left Ayr on a service bus that took an hour and a half at least to complete the fifty miles of country roads we had to negotiate,(no motorways then) stopping at several towns and country outposts before we finally arrived in Glasgow to catch the coach leaving at midnight that was to travel through the night reaching Aberdeen some seven hours later with only one toilet stop in Perth.(No toilets on buses then either)
After having our breakfast in a cafe we headed to the station where we caught a service bus to Fraserburgh which took another two hours till finally we reached the bed and breakfast that was to be our home for the next two weeks.
We arrived on my tenth birthday which was never a highlight then as little fuss was made through lack of money to celebrate the occasion and a small gift sufficed later that day.
I did however enjoy my holiday, visiting relatives we had only heard of and receiving money from them when it was time to leave, this process being repeated at every house giving us more money to spend during our holiday.
The harbour was the biggest attraction to me as we watched the drifters landing their herring in the early morning, caught during the night while we slept.
My mothers uncles had one of these drifters which made it even more interesting to me as it gave me a bigger insight into the fishing industry and was probably the reason I started the fishing as soon as I left school.
Its amazing to think of the time spent traveling, and only covering such a short distance compared to now with the better roads and even internal air travel,you have to wonder what the people from the past would think if they could see the way things are these days. Would they see it as an improvement to life or would they prefer they less hectic but harder lifestyle they had to bear?
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