Monday, 9 June 2014

Fishing off Donald Trumps new purchase.

English: Turnberry Golf Course, Lighthouse and...
English: Turnberry Golf Course, Lighthouse and Ailsa Craig. Facing South West (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Donald Trump has bought Turnberry Hotel and the golf courses that occupy the grounds. It is a world renown course, used for many open tournaments over the years and looks over the Firth of Clyde towards the Alisa Craig. Beautiful views over the sea from a beautiful countryside, what more could a rich man want.
Well I don't care what rich men desire, I have worked hard all my life and do not have a fortune to show for it but I do have a nice relaxed retirement with sea angling in the very sea that stretches out in front of Trumps new empire to keep me amused during the summer months.
I worked as a commercial fisherman simply because I was born and bred into the industry and proud of it, proud to follow the footsteps of my ancestors, going back generations.
 Life was hard and money scarce at times but the good times made up for the poor ones and all in all I made a reasonable living while learning to budget for the necessities of life.
As fishermen we toiled long hours through storms with icy cold seas crashing over our heads in open decked boats
Now I can go out to sea in my little boat whenever I feel like it and of course only when the weather is favourable and I am sure I am enjoying the pleasures surround Trump's new empire without all the stress and strain he has put on himself building the empire he has accumulated.
OK that was his goal and his choice and I chose mine too, so rather than complain or be jealous I am happily content.
I doubt though if Donald Trump will ever find the contentment I have even though he has all those riches, because whereas he will always be wanting more, I on the other hand having come through all the hardships can appreciate what I have now.
Since Trump purchased Turnberry, every time I am out on the sea looking back at his little corner of Scotland, it makes me appreciate all the more the person I am and what I have accomplished in my life without the need to strive for more.
I Donald Swarbrick will go to my grave a more contented man than Donald Trump, feeling I have played the part I was born for.
Whereas Donald Trump will die feeling he had more to achieve.
Who do you think had the best life, the man who thought money was the most important thing in life or the man who enjoyed and appreciated just living?

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  1. When I saw the picture I thought for a moment you were going to say Trump had bought Ailsa Craig.

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